Saperston Management Services, Inc

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Cost efficient: $75.00 per hour for bookkeeping and financial statement reporting.

List of Services

Bookkeeping Services:

  • Check-Writing Service

  • Computer Posting

  • Bank Statement Reconciliations

  • Personal Assistance in Analysis of the Client's Bills

  • Vendor Correspondence

Saperston Asset Management, Inc. Payroll Services:

  • Generation of employee payroll checks

  • Provide all necessary tax withholdings and special deductions

  • Handle all mailing to each employee

  • Preparation of quarterly payroll tax returns, as well as the year end returns

  • Generation of W-2s and 1099s

Saperston Management makes all subsequent tax deposits for the client, on a timely basis, in accordance with the applicable state and federal tax laws

Saperston Asset Management, Inc. Specialized Financial Reports

All reports are prepared on a timely basis (Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, etc.)
  • Balance Sheet

  • Income Statement

  • Trial Balance

  • Cash Receipts

  • Cash Disbursements

All reports are prepared based on each individual client's needs.

Saperston Asset Management, Inc. Tax Assistance

Maintenance of Tax Schedules, such as:

  • W-2 Income

  • 1099 Income

  • Interest and Dividends

  • Deductible Expenses

Saperston Management coordinates with your CPA firm throughout the year, especially during tax season. It aids and assists them in the tax planning process, as well as in the actual preparation of your tax return.

All of these services are aimed at lowering our client's tax preparation fees.